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About Us

Making Daily Living Simpler

Adjust to Home Health Care Supplies Ltd., is a family-owned home health care store founded out of a sheer will to provide products and services designed to make your home easily adjusted for handling any health care issues you may have. As your trusted source for home health care supplies, we provide superior customer service, quality equipment and supplies.


Yes we are a retail store, but our hope is you feel an experience that we are here to help you with any struggles or life limitations that you may have.  We have worked hard to gather as many resources to be able to give you as many answers as you need.


Do you struggle with a normal routine item?  Want to simplify your daily routine, but not sure how?  We have many items that can simplify things and let  you enjoy the rest of your day. Contact us at Adjust to Home Health Care Supplies Ltd., to know if we can be of any assistance to you.  Making Daily Living Simpler!

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